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An Accident

Dear friends*, 
The other day I had an accident. I was in my car, standing at a red traffic light, when the car behind me bumped into [=accidentally hit] my car. Luckily, it was not serious. Nobody got hurt [=was injured or in pain], and the car was only slightly damaged [=was broken a little]. 

Remember: accident and incident are false friends for Italians!! Accident is what we call incidente in Italian, while incident is just something that happened, especially something unpleasant or unusual. It may be translated as episodio, vicenda.

Here are examples:
– Ken had an accident at work and had to go to hospital.
– He left after an embarrassing incident in the bar.

The words accident /ˈæksɪdənt/ and incident /ˈɪnsɪdənt/ are pronounced with the stress [=accento tonico] on the first syllable. You can listen to them here (accident) and here (incident).

Take care, 

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*Read the text. Pay special attention to the expressions in bold.

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