Helping Italian researchers make their mark by boosting their English communication and presentation skills

You have professional expertise, new findings and interesting insights, but international conferences and panels remain a big challenge.

You don’t feel comfortable or confident giving presentations in English:
you can’t find the words to express your ideas eloquently, and your colleagues have trouble understanding you because of your accent. Soon, you see your audience lose interest and your message fails to reach them. Even if you prepare for the talk, you may find it hard to understand and respond to your colleagues’ questions.

You worry that in the long run, this could undermine your ability to create opportunities for fruitful collaboration with colleagues abroad and obtain funding for future projects. But perhaps more importantly, your valuable contribution to your field may be lost. On a personal level, if you don’t perform your best, this risks hindering your career and hurting your reputation.

I’m here to help.

With my help, you can significantly improve your presentation skills. You will sound more fluent, eloquent and professional. Your colleagues will be able to understand you clearly and you will be able to understand them and respond to them in a timely fashion. You will expand and activate your scientific vocabulary to better express yourself and have the confidence to participate actively in international conferences and panels. Your engaging presentations will carry your messages effectively to your professional community.

Then one day you will start seeing opportunities for collaboration and funding come your way. Your work will become more rewarding and you will be appreciated in your community for your contribution to the field.

Simona è bravissima! Un’insegnante appassionata, con lei le ore di lezione volano, si imparano tante cose divertendosi. Una persona veramente speciale 😊


Simona è molto professionale. Il suo insegnamento, la scelta di materiali e i consigli che mi ha fornito hanno soddisfatto pienamente le mie aspettative. Attraverso scambi ricchi e stimolanti ha saputo suscitare il mio interesse e rendere le lezioni un vero piacere. Grazie agli strumenti che mi ha messo a disposizione potrò continuare a migliorare le mie competenze in inglese.