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Scientific     Communication

Scientific Communication

Specializing in both scientific writing and research in a variety of fields - medical and natural sciences, social sciences and humanities - we offer a wide range of services to assist researchers in their work: from literature reviews to the publication and presentation of results. These include, the translation and editing of scientific texts in English, Hebrew and Italian, the preparation of graphics, diagrams and slideshows, literature searches, etc.

If you are a scientist,

you may have pictured yourself sitting quietly at your desk, or working undisturbed in the lab, concentrating, occasionally feeling the thrill of discovery. Instead, you find yourself running around incessantly, trying to juggle writing proposals, keeping up with the literature, researching, analyzing, writing papers, getting them published, attending meetings, giving lectures, teaching courses, tutoring students - just to mention a few of the tasks constantly at hand.

We can help !

We can reduce your workload. Just leave certain things to us. We could free you from some of the more onerous aspects of your work. This will allow you not only to concentrate on more interesting or important aspects of your research, but also to enhance your results.

For example,

We could help prepare presentations or posters, edit texts, format manuscripts for publication, etc. Click here for some more ideas, or contact us and let us know what your needs are.